Warranty policy

upto  on vfmsleep mattress 

Vfm sleep Mattress carry limited warranty on manufacturing defects in material and craftsmanship (apart from covers and handles, if present in Mattress) in this case, Vfmsleep will repair or replace the mattress at  Vfmysleep’s decision. For more than 3+ years from date of purchase, you need to pay transportation cost of INR 990 each way, which will be waived off in case if defect is confirmed to occur due to Vfmsleep as mentioned in below terms:       


The warranty stands valid in case of normal intended use conditions:

  • The warranty covers just the sagging of the mattress greater than 1.5 inch
  • The warranty covers just the sagging of the core and not the outer cover


The Warranty does NOT cover the condition such as, but not limited to:

  • Sagging less than 1.5 inch or any softening less than 1.5 inch
  • Vfmsleep offers warranty against any manufacturing defect but does not help customers in case of any damage due to improper use
  • The warranty does not cover the mattress or the cover damage made by animals and rodents or children’s. It also does not cover damage because of burns, cuts, tears, liquid damage, or stains
  • Warranty does not provide protection against the preferences in comfort level.
  • Warranty will be applicable only if the mattress is well maintained.
  • Warranty will not be valid if any unauthorized service during the warranty period.
  • Outer Cover, Zipper is not covered under warranty, if any


Steps to be followed to get the warranty: 

  • Submit the Invoice and warranty card copy.
  • Submit the proof of the problem to Vfmsleep.
  • Concern department from our team will get in touch with you and will arrange the pickup from your location at no cost to customer.
  • Vfmsleep to inspect the received product and provide confirmation on claim status to customer.
  • Vfmsleep to repair mattress and provide replacement for mattress if repair not possible at all.
  • Vfmsleep will ship the product back to the customer source location at no additional cost.

Other Terms:

  • There is a possibility of slight increase in the softness of pressure relieving material which does not affect the quality of mattress.
  • Mattress kept unhygienic or unsanitary conditions may damage the mattress and void the warranty. For the safely reasons of workforce, Vfmsleep may refuse to inspect such mattress and can deny the warranty claim for the customer.
  • The purchase should be in original customer’s name and must be bought from the registered website.
  • The warranty period starts from the purchase date of invoice.
  • A copy of original bill of the company is required to evaluate the actual purchase date
  • The time duration needed for repairing or replacing the product is dependent on the availability of the products
  • Any mattresses purchased, resold, gifted or in any other way that it is not in the possession of original owner does not come under warranty policy
  • Vfmsleep highest liability is capped by the Purchase Price of the mattress as shown in original copy of Invoice.
  • The company decision is treated as final in case of any defect or applicability of the warranty. Any Dispute Subject to Ahmedabad Jurisdiction Only
  • There is a probability that product features, specifications and warranty terms and condition may change without prior information to the customers.